Metal Edge Culinary Steel 14″ x 16″ x ½”


Our fully seasoned sheet of conductive steel comes ready to use out of the box. This culinary steel accelerates your oven or BBQ for restaurant-quality cooking and searing. Bake your favorite pizza perfectly in minutes, cook a delicious hamburger or steak sealing in those beautiful tasteful juices. Place it on your stovetop and cook delicious pancakes with amazing results from the even heat distribution provided by this versatile culinary aid. The possibilities with this steel baking plate are endless.

What’s the difference between a 1/4″ and 1/2″ culinary steel? Are you are planning a big pizza party or a cookie bake off? You will want that extra heat retention when opening and closing the oven door multiple times and the 1/2″ steel is for you. If your main intention is to use your culinary steel on the BBQ then we recommend a 1/2″ steel to get that extra heat retention in this cooking environment.
The 1/4″ steel performs exceptionally well in all these areas and is a great choice for the multi-purpose user or if you want to take your Culinary Steel with you to visit family and friends.
Take it with you on your cottage vacation for a multi-purpose meal prep tool…easy to pack and durable!!

Material: 44W hot rolled carbon steel.

Custom size orders are available!

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 0.5 in

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Metal Edge Culinary Steel 14″ x 16″ x ½”
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